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Celebrate Your Right to Read! Published on: September 4, 2017

During the week of September 24 to September 30, libraries, book stores, schools, and others who believe in the freedom to read will celebrate Banned Books Week. An annual observance created by the American Library Association (ALA), the week highlights the importance of the freedom to read and sheds light on the harms of censorship.

Some feel that people shouldn’t read books that talk about certain topics, ideas, or have certain words or language in them. So they try to control the types of books that can be found in local libraries, schools, and even book stores.

Your Librarians strongly believe that ideas are powerful and can change the world. As people read they learn and grow. Reading helps develop skills necessary to better understand other cultures and people which can help is make the world a better place. We are indeed lucky to have the freedom to explore new ideas on our own terms.

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