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Join the discussion before the author visit! Published on: August 16, 2017

Each month the Book Club will discuss one of Isabel Allende’s books at the Library Café leading up to her author event in November. Admission to the Book Club is free and the books can be borrowed from MPL.

Due to the popularity of this author, we will host TWO discussion groups to meet at the same time. Registration is required.

September 18 at 7pm: The House of the Spirits

The astonishing debut of a gifted storyteller, The House of the Spirits is both a symbolic family saga and the story of an unnamed Latin American country’s turbulent history. Isabel Allende constructs a spirit-ridden world and fills it with colorful and all-too-human inhabitants. Register.

October 16 at 7pm: My Invented Country

My Invented Country is a memoir in which truth is most definitely stranger than fiction. Exploring the events of her life and those of the country in which she lived until the assassination of her father’s cousin, President Salvador Allende, in Pinochet’s military coup, Allende takes us on a highly personal tour through her homeland, bringing it to life. Register.

November 13 at 7pm: In the Midst of Winter

Ms. Allende’s next novel, In the Midst of Winter, is a love story set in Brooklyn and South America about a human rights scholar and an immigrant from Guatemala. The book begins with a snowstorm and chance meeting in Brooklyn and flashes back to Chile and Brazil in the 1970s. Register.


Meet the author!
We will have a chance to hear the talented author discuss her latest novel and ask her questions at the Open Book / Open Mind Event on November 8 at 7pm at Buzz Aldrin Middle School. Admission to the November event is free with the purchase of In The Midst of Winter. Register.

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